Assistant Kitchen Manager

Job Description
In conjunction with Kitchen Manager (KM), oversees the operation of the kitchen in addition to assisting the KM with ordering, receiving, preparation, and presentation of food in a timely manner.
Supervises and oversees the production of food.
In conjunction with all management, enforces compliance with all employment policies in area of responsibility.
Monitors tickets and sets the pace during peak hours.
Manages through â  hands onâ  supervision of the restaurant. This includes but is not limited to non-scheduled assistance with serving, hosting, cooking, etc.
Conducts formal line taste and temp checks.
Ensures proper handling, maintenance, and storage of all items.
At direction of KM, manages inventory and tracks waste.
Monitors and maintains cleanliness and proper maintenance of equipment directly or through staff.
Ensures consistency in food and service to increase sales.
Understands and practices safe food handling procedures.
Ensures staff is following established recipes and procedures.
Creates a safe environment and assists in developing BOH staff members.
Ensures that the cleanliness of the restaurant and safety of our guests are maintained at all times.
Can work under pressure.
Can keep other employees focused and busy.
1 year Kitchen experience

Don't Be Fooled

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